Custom Summit Bechtel Reserve Troop Trailer Graphic Zipline (SP6688)

Please allow 10 business days for in-house processing
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Scout trailer graphic. Customized with your Troop number and location.

Troop Trailer Graphics are printed on a specially designed material that comes with a UV laminate that is applied during the finishing process. Before be packaged for shipping, a layer pre-mask material is applied, to aid with the installation.

Allow 10 business days for production before shipping.

The preview background will NOT be included with your design. The preview background's purpose is to show you what the finished product will look like when it's applied to a trailer.


24” W x 23.2” H

30” W x 29” H

36” W x 34.8” H

42” W x 40.6” H

48” W x 46.4” H