Wood Badge® Antelope Critter Neckerchief Slide (SP79006)

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Antelope Wood Badge Critter patch neckerchief slide with snap closure.

Embrace the essence of agility and grace with our Wood Badge Antelope Critter Neckerchief Patch Slide.  This accessory symbolizes the speed, endurance, and gracefulness that the antelope is renowned for, making it a perfect emblem for scouts and leaders who approach their scouting journey with enthusiasm, agility, and readiness to lead by example.

Step into your next Scouting adventure with the Wood Badge Antelope Critter Neckerchief Patch Slide adorning your uniform.  Let it be a symbol of your readiness to lead, your grace under pressure, and your unwavering commitment to the scouting ethos.  Wear it as a badge of honor and a reminder of the swift, enduring spirit that propels you forward.